Policies and Forms

Memorial Plaque

When the library receives a collective donation of $100.00 or more in memory of an individual or family, then the individual or family name as well as the year, will be engraved on the Worthington Jefferson Township Public Library Memorial Plaque.

General Library Objectives

  • To select, preserve, and administer organized collections of materials, which will promote the education, enrichment, and entertainment of library patrons.
  • To serve the community of Worthington and Jefferson Township as a center of reliable information.
  • To support educational, civic, and cultural activities of local groups and organizations.
  • To provide opportunities for locating information and materials as requested by patrons.
  • see full Administration Policy, 2014 (PDF)

Library Code of Conduct

The library is a place that belongs to everyone. We have established basic rules of courtesy so that our facility is a pleasant place for all to visit.

If your conduct or activities violate our rules, you will be asked to change your disruptive behavior. Failure to do so may result in the loss of library privileges, up to and including removal from the building and contacting the police.

The library defines "disruptive behavior" as any act that interferes with library services or with someone else's use of the library.


  • Possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or a weapon (except law enforcement) anywhere on library property
  • Abusive, threatening, or harassing behavior in any form
  • Mutilation, defacement, or theft of library materials and equipment or the private property of staff or other visitors
  • Selling, polling, soliciting, panhandling, or loitering on library property
  • Intoxication or impairment
  • Obscene, profane, or abusive language or acts
  • Use of tobacco products inside the library, outside the library the products may not be used within 15 feet of the entry doors
  • Strong odors or offensive body hygiene that interfere with or disrupt others from using library space
  • No roller blades or skateboards may be used on the library property.
  • All visitors must wear shoes and shirts while in the library.

Room Reservation

  • Non-profit, educational, civic, cultural, or government groups for non-commercial and non-profit purposes may reserve the meeting room of the library for use. Those requesting the use of the meeting room must fill out a Meeting Room Reservation Form at least two weeks prior to the date needed. Reservations will be approved once the Library Board of Trustees gives their approval. Any person or group using the library facilities shall be held accountable for damages caused by its use. The meeting room is available only during the hours the library is open to the public. The Board of Trustees must approve any after-hours meetings in advance.
  • Meeting Room Reservation Form (PDF)

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